The 2000s have been active years

for NEF. In 2003 NEF published Mark
Storey’s Cinema au Naturel: A History
of Nudist Film, the first fully developed
That same
year, NEF made an 18-minute VHS
Chasing the Sun. Directed by respected
NEF intended the video as an introduction to naturism for legislators. Velez
had produced nearly a dozen naturist
Michael Cooney continued TNS’ video

Generation through the later 1990s and
into the 2000s.

Enlarging Grassroots
By the mid-1990s NAC had become an efficient political action group whose professionalism and effectiveness had engendered
Esteem from naturist and non-naturists
groups alike. Soon however, the board
had to acknowledge its demand for some
assistance. Having become rather adept at
Locating anti-nudity laws even before
it became known to the public, and
learning techniques to conquer it in legislative committees, NAC desired to enlarge
In 1995, NAC established the Naturist
Action Committee Area Representative
System. NAC Area Reps, or NACARs,
are TNS members who are willing and able
to manage a chosen geographical region
covering that place. For instance, someone
from a plage support group in California
might become a NACAR to track action
at that specific beach for the NAC board
member covering California. The NACAR
would also be in a position locally to observe
for any city, county, or state anti-nudity
in law enforcement arise, the NACAR
would be in a great position to garner
defend the area’s naturist freedoms.

In 1996 NEF created an comparable
Plan of public nudist videos (i.e. NEFARs) who
Want to assist NEF in encouraging naturism,
but who are not especially interested in
which NAC tends to concentrate much of its

After going through the learning process of creating and dissolving the NLC,
NNLC, and ACFRI, The Naturist Society
seems to have hit upon a recipe for success
with NAC. The debut activist group
for nudism continues to boast a success

rate percentile in the 90s in challeng-
NAC’s leadership stays firmly rooting state anti-nudity laws. There is ed in the TNS membership. The NAC
today a dependable core of committee mem- board takes as its responsibility to assist
bers, NACARS, professional volunteers, individuals, clubs, and other naturist
and financial subscribers.
Kept Washington lobbyist Scootch or improving naturist freedoms. In a new
Pankonin to assist the board on federal and millennium, when business and corporate
state nudity policy and legislation issues. In unteer grassroots organization may appear
But so far it’s worked
Texas Nudists as Executive Director, and surprisingly well.
he has served as chair of both NAC and
NEF from then until today.
To make itself even more effective in
getting information out to naturists and
& Natural
established an internet NAC Alert System bit), TNS sent its members their first
delivered by various naturist list serv- copy of Nude & Natural magazine.
the NAC Alarms have proven invaluable in nal for several motives. First, some
marshaling immediate grassroots naturist folks fresh to the magazine had trouble
understanding the name; they were hearsupport when the need arises.

Springtime 2009 | 37

I was sorry to hear about Lee Baxandall’s passing.
great man, and I envision a great buddy to you. He really positively influenced my life too.
It was because of Lee that I did my first workshop. At the
Needed to attend. And being the leader he was, he said “Why
Do not you lead it?” Which I did a few weeks later at the Turtle
Lake Assembly, that very same summer.
friendships made, and the openness and links experienced have been a big part of my healing and growing. So I
feel greatly indebted for big tits on beach played in my life.
I’m sorry I wasn’t nearer to him to get to know him better. I
will miss him. Thank you for all your efforts to continue what he